Shok-Shaked, Nachman Law Firm and Patents is a boutique law firm that provides consulting services, legal representation and services to entrepreneurs, various startups, both social and technological entrepreneurs (startups), and this from the stage of inception and through establishing the business and ongoing legal guidance.

Among the Firm’s clients in Israel and abroad are startups and entrepreneurs from various fields: owners and operators of different and various websites, entrepreneurs who are active in the fields of communication and media, data protection, cyber, software quality and control, technological commercial companies and enterprises, developers,  technologists, social network developers and entrepreneurs, applications, software, hardware and more.

With our perspective and with our provision of legal services and consulting to entrepreneurs and startups, we combine our extensive business and commercial knowledge, our technological understanding and the fields of law. This combination allows us to provide our clients in the fields of technological and social entrepreneurship with innovative, comprehensive and professional legal services, all with our out of the box thinking, our relevant business understanding and legal-business creativity.

Among the range of services provided by our Firm, we are prepared to provide innovative and comprehensive legal services, guidance and consulting with regards to all aspects of establishing a startup, establishing and registering companies and startups, preparing a variety of agreements pertaining to the world of technology (such as: marketing agreements, SOW, partnership agreements, website bylaws, terms of use for websites and applications, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, development agreements, production agreements, SAS agreements, various joint venture agreements and more), guidance in managing legal and commercial negotiations and more.


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