Internet and Technology laws is a young and dynamic field of law that has probably formed and developed over the last decade more than any other legal field. If in the past, the publication of a ruling in the field caused a significant stir in the community of lawyers specializing in this field, currently hardly a day goes by without the courts releasing a ruling that touches upon issues of Internet and Technology laws.

Some of the issues in the field have already been regulated by legislation. The Computer Law that was enacted in 1995 defines and details computer crimes. The Electronic Signature Law from 2001 allows the execution of contracts and agreements using the internet network. The Copyright Law from 2007 included sections pertaining to protection of computer programs and Amendment number 40 to the Communications Law pertains to the prohibition against sending spam emails, text messages and IVRs.

However, there a constant gap remains between the legal world and the developing technology. Crucial legal issues, such as the liability of service suppliers and website managers to the wrongs and infringements committed by web surfers and the right to privacy on the internet, have yet to receive the legislator’s attention, and the courts often have to determine these matters by relying on foreign law.

Shok-Shaked, Nachman Law Firm & Patents is a boutique law firm that often provides legal counsel in the field of internet law (internet lawyers), technology laws, copyrights, online copyrights and many other additional legal issues and questions that pertain to the internet and various of technology platforms and matters. Our Firm is prepared to provide legal counsel and legal services in the field of the internet and technology, a field which experiences dynamic changes on a daily basis.

With our perspective, and by our providing legal counseling and services in this innovative technological field, we combine our significant business and commercial knowledge, our technological understanding, and our understanding, experience and knowledge of the fields of laws. This combination allows us to provide our clients with comprehensive and professional legal services in the field of internet law, technology laws and online copyrights, all with an “out of the box” perspective and relevant business understanding.

Therefore, we are prepared to provide legal representation services in court for the many cases that deal with issues from the field of internet and technology law, such as: disputes pertaining to software and website development, lawsuits in the field of software development, gambling sites, file downloading sites, file sharing sites on the internet, online privacy violation cases, online copyright violation cases, online defamation, libel torts and more.

In addition, we are experienced and prepared to provide entrepreneurs, ventures, internet promotion companies, trade sites and many website owners with comprehensive and professional legal services in various matters pertaining to the world of the internet. We are also experienced in consulting and preparing a variety of documents in the fields of internet and technology laws, including SAS agreements, development agreements, purchase agreements, production agreements, licensing agreements, and the like, as well as managing legal and business negotiations and more.

Advocate Dor Nachman, a partner in the Firm, serves as the Chairman of the Internet and new media Committee at the Israeli Bar Association (Tel Aviv District).

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the field of internet and technology law.

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