The modern world of commerce and the world of law are intertwined with one another. The lawyer plays an essential role in this world, starting from the establishment of the business and preparing the founding documents, through preparing contracts and agreements with third parties and up to handling the legal issues arising from the business’ commercial activities.

In order to provide effective legal services, there is a need to have an understanding of the relevant market that the business operates in, an understanding of the additional players in the field, and an understanding of the real interests that need to be protected. Legal resolutions must be reached in accordance with the unique circumstances of each matter.

The heart of commercial legal work is the precreation of commercial contracts. The commercial contract anchors the agreements between the parties in a manner that is recognized by the law and which allows the party hurt by the breach of the agreement to receive various legal remedies.

Our Firm constantly provides legal services, guidance and consulting in matters of corporate law, commercial law and business law, and is prepared to provide ongoing legal consulting and guidance to companies, businesses, social and technological entrepreneurs (startups) and business people as well as private and other corporate clients, and this from the stage of inception and through the stage of establishing the business and providing it with regular legal accompaniment.

In such, we are experienced and prepared in establishing and registering companies and additional corporations, providing comprehensive, professional and regular legal accompaniment and consulting, preparing a wide array of agreements in the fields of commercial and business law (such as: marketing agreements, distribution agreements, development agreements, production agreements and more) and accompanying the management of legal and business negotiations and more.

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